FORLOH Redefines Outdoor Comfort

Hunters, anglers, and other outdoor enthusiasts have a new option for technically advanced apparel that’s all about function and comfort.

FORLOH has introduced a new line of technical long-sleeve hoodies for men made with brrr° Pro advanced performance cooling fabric technology. The hoodies will be available for women and youth soon.

In the coming months, FORLOH will introduce lightweight pants, shorts, board shorts, cargo shorts, women’s leggings, and numerous other garments made with brrr° Pro.

brrr° Pro has enhanced cooling fibers embedded with micro cooling minerals that intensify the concentration of the cooling sensation. Hyper wicking amplifies moisture removal, and performance drying delivers a fresh and cool experience.

FORLOH, whose name was inspired by the phrase “For Love of Hunting,” was founded by a group of hunters and anglers who wanted technically advanced apparel that was well-designed and manufactured entirely in America to create domestic jobs and improve speed to market. 

That allows the company to bring new items of clothing to consumers in as little as 10-12 weeks, compared with 10 months or more for most retailers who use an offshore supply chain. FORLOH sells directly to consumers through its website and through its flagship retail store in Whitefish, Montana.

FORLOH is passionate about scientific advancements in apparel. The company created its own unique science-based camouflage patterns for different environments such as timberland and forest; snow; open country or mountain; and water. 

FORLOH develops new fabrics in partnership with other brands that are leaders in their space, such as Airadigm for microventing pulse plasma technology; Activ-dry Down to repel water and reduce moisture absorption; Polygiene Stay Fresh Technology to inhibit the growth of odor causing bacteria; Polygiene Odor Crunch silica to break down odor molecules; Trizar for heat regulation; and brrr° Pro for performance cooling fabric.

FORLOH also develops its own technology such as Perf-Weld micro-perforations in the Sonic Weld construction for breathability. 

The apparel collections by FORLOH are meant to be layered and combined for maximum flexibility and ultimate comfort, breathability and weather protection.

The company is dedicated to helping consumers get more deeply connected to nature by spending more time outdoors. FORLOH believes that hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities are more than just a way of life — it’s a way to share values such as a respect for nature from one generation to another. 

brrr° is proud to partner with FORLOH to bring technical cooling performance to outdoor apparel.

Vineyard Vines Shirts Are Stylishly Cool

Vineyard Vines introduced new colors and patterns of its popular On-The-Go shirts for men that transition perfectly from work to leisure.

Made with brrr° cooling performance fabric in a cotton-nylon-spandex blend, Vineyard Vines On-The-Go shirts for men feature our secret blend of natural cooling minerals, active wicking, and rapid drying that create a Triple Chill Effect® that instantly and continuously draws heat and moisture away from the skin.

The On-The-Go shirts have trimmed sleeves for a cleaner look, and the fit is slimmer through the chest. Buttoned barrel cuffs and a chest pocket keep things casual yet polished. The hem can be worn tucked or untucked for complete flexibility. 

Vineyard Vines On-The-Go shirts for men are available in a variety of colors and sizes, and they are great for layering when evening temperatures get cool. They have just the right amount of stretch for ease of movement and can be machine washed.

brrr° fabrics are independently lab tested and proven to keep you cooler, and because the technology is embedded right into the yarn of the fabric, the cooling effect won’t ever fade or wash away.

Cool Comfort from Reyn Spooner brrr° Collection

Reyn Spooner, which makes the world’s most collected aloha shirts, has introduced a line of men’s performance polo shirts made with brrr° that bring cool comfort to all of your summertime activities.

The brrr° Performance Collection by Reyn Spooner features our natural cooling minerals, active wicking and rapid drying that work together to create a “Triple Chill Effect®” that draws heat and moisture away from the skin.

Cut with a little extra room in the chest and body, the polos also have a side vent and 4-way stretch for ultimate freedom of movement. The Reyn Spooner brrr° Performance Collection polos offer UPF 50+ sun protection and can be machine washed. 

The three-button placket keeps things tidy and stylish from the back nine to the boardroom, or anywhere in between.

The polos are available in three prints inspired by the beauty of Hawaii’s native plants:

  • Kainapu — bold monstera leaves in a flowing spaced-out layout
  • Ho’ohia’ai — stylized flowers of the Hawaiian mountain apple
  • Tapaloha — geometric hibiscus flowers, monstera leaves and stylized tapas

Motherhood and brrr° Keep Baby Bumps Cool

Every expectant mother knows the challenge of trying to find comfortable clothes that are stretchy but don’t make you overheat.

We’re excited to partner with maternity apparel brand Motherhood on a line of BumpEase Denim Shorts made with brrr° cooling fabric so expectant moms can feel their best during their entire pregnancy.

brrr° uses natural cooling minerals, active wicking, and rapid drying to draw heat and moisture away from the skin.

The Motherhood brrr° BumpEase shorts have a stretchy patented Secret Fit Belly panel made with brrr° cooling fabric that provides support for the changing body shape of the mother-to-be. The shorts have a 4.5-inch inseam that’s universally flattering and they’re cuffed for a polished look.

Made with plain weave denim and machine washable for a hassle-free maternity wardrobe, the Motherhood BumpEase shorts featuring brrr° cooling fabric are a must-have for the summer.


ADAY + brrr° = Summer Wardrobe Bliss

Women can upgrade their wardrobe staples with cooling shirts, pants, and shorts that draw heat and moisture away from the skin so they stay comfortable and confident this summer.

ADAY’s Cool Cat Pant is designed with a flattering elasticized high-waisted cut and floor-length cuffed hems that are adjustable so they can be worn flowy and loose or cinched for ultimate flexibility. The brrr° cooling material is silky and comfortable for work or leisure time, and they’re machine washable. 

Also new this season are the Fresh Start Shorts, which have an elasticized waistband so they can be worn high or low on the waist. They have a hidden pocket for storing essentials.

There’s a new Super Swish Dress that’s summer-defined. It’s a loose-fitting midi dress with cap sleeves and snaps all down the front for easy breezy summer days. There are also slip-in side pockets and the front body is double lined but without a full skirt lining.

ADAY’s long-sleeve Chill-Out Blouse is a v-neck with flowy wide sleeves and a cinched waist, while the sleeveless Cool-Down Crop features a wrap style and a snap to keep things secure. Both are available in coconut and forest colors.

The tops, pants, shorts, and dress are all made with ADAY’s Cool Weave fabric powered by brrr°, which combines natural cooling minerals, active wicking, and rapid drying to create a Triple Chill Effect that lasts all day. 

brrr° instantly and continuously draws heat and moisture away from the skin, and the cooling technology is independently lab tested and proven to outperform other brands.

We’re proud to partner with ADAY, which was founded by two women who formerly worked together in finance and wanted to bring innovative fabric technologies to the wardrobes of professional women. ADAY’s everyday pieces are functional, versatile, and comfortable.



Mary Cathryn's Reponse to "Developing an Effective Social Media Presence"

15 tips for developing an effective social media presence

Social media has become an integral component of nearly every business’s marketing strategy. The most effective social media strategies are smart, on-brand, and reliable. To develop a strategy that ticks all three boxes, it’s essential to identify your target audience and develop a unique voice for speaking to them.

Whether you opt for in-house employees, third-party contractors, or virtual assistants to handle your social media strategy, they must be fully in tune with your brand and community. Below, the members of Business Journals Leadership Trust share 15 expert strategies to help businesses develop and manage an effective social presence.

1. Understand your organization’s needs.

Do you need a big social marketing team that requires a hefty budget, or would a small group of creative and experienced people be enough? Next, determine a strategy. Set goals and objectives and deduce the budget accordingly. A straightforward layout with members knowing their exact roles will reduce friction in developing creative ideas and reduce unnecessary costs. – Alina Clark, CocoDoc

2. Create a clear message.

The most important social media considerations are content and consistency. Firms that “win” the game create a clear message, identify the platforms that best fit their brand image and dedicate a person or team to posting fresh content to keep followers engaged. Start small, focus on quality and grow your platforms organically with consistent, well-considered messaging and execution. – John Palter, Palter Sims Martinez PLLC

3. Blend social media efforts with PR, marketing and sales.

Make social media part of the overall marketing strategy. I often see companies operating social media as a separate campaign, and the results are dismal. However, when social media is blended into PR, marketing and sales, the impact can yield high results. – Donna Michaels, LMGPR

4. Keep it smart and sincere.

Too many companies try to saturate social media channels with daily posts or beautiful graphics, but that doesn’t necessarily tell your story in a smart way. Focus on what makes you better and different from the other guys — is it about comfort, is it about feeling better, is it about confidence? Find that niche and own it. – Mary-Cathryn Kolb, brrrº

5. Go where your target clients are.

Align the target client you are looking for with the right social media platform. Then communicate your social media strategy in the voice of that client. Too often, companies are publishing great social media content, but it’s on the wrong social media channel. For example, if you are looking for retirees on LinkedIn, you’re going to have a hard time seeing results. – Bryan Sarff, True Wealth & Company

6. Work backward from your clients’ and industry influencers’ preferences.

Think about your clients and influencers. What platforms are they most likely to engage with? Start there. Your social media should be an extension of your brand narrative, and you should give more than you ask for. A good rule of thumb: Think of your social media as an NPR channel; tell great stories and share new ideas, but only ask for something once a season. – Kathleen Lucente, Red Fan Communications

7. Hire people who will best relate to your audience.

Find people who will best relate to your company’s target demographic. Put them on your social media content team. Chances are they will communicate more authentically with your company’s primary customer in your social media messaging. – Keith Woods, KB Woods Public Relations

8. Seek alignment with your core values.

It all goes back to core values. You have to have people managing your social media presence who believe in the same core values the rest of your team does. The social media team needs to truly know you and your brand, and they absolutely have to believe in the mission. If they do, it’s easier for them to be effective on social media because, at their core, they have the same motivations you do. – Kris Lindahl, Kris Lindahl Real Estate

9. Monitor and adjust your strategy.

You can post every single day and waste thousands of dollars on advertising, but if it is targeting the wrong demographic, it is not beneficial to you or your business in any way. Constantly check and recheck your target audience for your ads and check the demographics to make sure they are hitting the right market. – Scott Scully, Abstrakt Marketing Group

10. Diversify your team’s skill sets.

Make sure you’re diversifying your skill sets as you build your team, whether by hiring an in-house marketer or adding depth to your bench with an outsourced partner. Successful social media relies on innovative thinking and unique tactics, so build a proactive team comprising multiple marketing disciplines and backgrounds to achieve your business goals. – Melea McRae, Crux KC

11. Prioritize a few channels to maximize ROI.

Identify which channels your audience is using most and focus your efforts on those. Prioritizing can help maximize your social media ROI and will help you craft meaningful messages for those platforms you use. Your goal is not to engage everyone on social media but to be thoughtful in marketing to those who have an interest in your product, service or intellectual property. – Liz Wooten-Reschke, Connect For More

12. Have a goal for your social campaigns.

Why are you running this campaign? For name recognition? To promote a particular product or service? The “why” matters for the message. If it is simply for name recognition, you want to run items of interest that are consistent with your brand and that people find interesting and want to share. Conversely, generalized messages won’t work for a specific product or service. – Christine Durrett, Durrett & Kersting PLLC

13. Treat your social media presence with professionalism.

A social media campaign can create additional visibility beyond a great website, SEO and SEM. It must build on and reinforce existing content, offer an interesting and “bite-sized” topic, have goals and metrics, and be reviewed and measured consistently. Social media can be a relatively low-cost program, but that doesn’t mean it should not be treated with professionalism. – Mark Coronna, Chief Outsiders

14. Encapsulate your ‘solution’ in your posts.

All of your communication — including social media — needs to encapsulate the solution your organization offers for the problem your clients and prospects have. The content the team creates should clarify and reverberate what separates your company from the pack. – Rachel Namoff, Arapaho Asset Management

15. Establish a vision for what you want your brand to represent.

Our vision is to provide legendary IT support for businesses. We brand that message everywhere we can and work to make its presentation consistent across all platforms. It takes multiple outreach efforts to build a consistent image, so be sure each time you reach out to your audience that you are presenting your message in a consistent way. – Jared Knisley, Fizen Technology

Original Post: Biz Journals

Greyson brrr° Polos & Shirts Help Beat the Heat

When summer temperatures start to feel suffocating, look to Greyson for some cool relief.

Greyson debuted a new limited edition line of its signature Omaha polo shirts for men called the Laurel Wolf Omaha Polo that will help keep you cool and fresh on even the hottest days.

Made with brrr° cooling fabric, the polo has a classic three-button placket and spread collar that’s classy enough for the office and casual enough for everything else. Patented brrr° technology uses natural cooling minerals, active wicking and rapid drying to draw heat and moisture away from your skin for all-day comfort

The Omaha polo is also available in a classic style without any icons, or with the Greyson wolf head logo on the left chest.

Greyson also introduced a Guide Performance Quarter Zip jacket made with brrr° fabric, and a sleeveless version of its Guide Performance Tee to keep you cooler and more comfortable for every workout.

To honor its commitment to healthy lifestyles, Greyson also introduced a custom collection of products designed exclusively for Spirit Wolves to benefit the Morgan Hoffmann Foundation. The MHF Guide Sport Tee is available in blue while the MHF Running Wolf Guide Sport Tee comes in grey, and a portion of the proceeds from sales of both shirts will be donated to the foundation.

Founded by professional golfer Morgan and his wife Chelsea in 2017 after he was diagnosed with Facioscapulohumeral Muscular Dystrophy (FSHD), the foundation raises money to support a natural and holistic approach to health and well being for the mind, body, and soul.

Keep Dad Cool With brrr° Father’s Day Gifts

Some dads need all the help they can get to stay cool.

Clothes and other items made with brrr° cooling fabric draw heat and moisture away from the skin to keep him cool, dry, and more comfortable all day long.

brrr° uses natural cooling minerals, active wicking, and rapid drying to create a Triple Chill Effect® that instantly and continuously keeps you cooler. 

Here are a few recently launched items powered by the cooling performance of brrr° that would make great Father’s Day gifts:

We’re excited to see our brrr° cooling fabric technology used in so many products that help keep dads more comfortable and confident on Father’s Day — and all the other days of the year.


Genteal brrr° Apparel Keeps You Cooler

Casual lifestyle brand Genteal Apparel just debuted a new line of performance button-down shirts, polos, shorts, and t-shirts made with brrr° cooling fabric that helps keep you cool and comfortable whether you’re working, traveling, or hanging out on the weekends.

The newest styles include plaid performance sport button-down shirts in a variety of colors to add versatility to your wardrobe. The shirts are stretchy for superior comfort, and wrinkle resistant so they’re easy to care for.

For a more casual look, the performance polo is the way to go. Permanent sewn-in collars stay to keep you looking fresh, while the heathered colors and tonal embroidered logo keep things relaxed.

When the temperature rises, reach for the bunker shorts made with brrr° cooling fabric. With an 8-inch inseam and nylon/spandex blend for just the right amount of stretch, these shorts are the perfect choice for golf or outdoor cocktails.

Genteal also offers a long-sleeve performance t-shirt that cools, wicks away sweat, and dries quickly. It also offers UPF sun protection and is lightweight so you won’t overheat.

These Genteal garments are made with brrr° cooling technology that uses natural cooling minerals, active wicking, and rapid drying to create a Triple Chill Effect®️.

brrr° fabric reduces skin temperature by drawing heat and moisture away from the skin, and it’s independently lab tested and proven to keep you cooler.

These new lines from Genteal bring an effortlessly stylish look to the office, home, and everywhere in between.


We’re Honored to Join Backed by ATL

We are excited to be included among 14 fast-growing companies that have been added to the “Backed by ATL” program run by the Metro Atlanta Chamber.

The organization helps emerging middle-market companies gain scale and drive greater impact across the region through innovation and perseverance.

Backed by ATL companies have raised over $1 billion in capital and created more than 3,600 jobs in metro Atlanta since the program’s inception in 2017, according to the chamber.

“Entrepreneurship is at the core of metro Atlanta’s business community, which is experiencing unstoppable momentum and has emerged as the global hub for innovation,” said Katie Kirkpatrick, President & CEO, Metro Atlanta Chamber

“Atlanta’s history of innovation, exceptionally diverse talent pool buoyed by our higher education institutions, and strong center of corporate headquarters form the foundation of this sustained innovation energy, which is powering Atlanta to produce unicorns at an unprecedented pace and welcome the most recognized technology firms in the world to join us,” she said.

The 2021 companies joining Backed by ATL celebrate innovation across Atlanta’s wide range of industries, with enterprises created to help feed late-night cravings, protect neighborhoods, address food insecurity, modernize supply chain services and solve customer problems, keep people cool, package goods and prevent fraud. 

Mary-Cathryn Kolb, Founder and CEO of brrr°, will join a panel of other entrepreneurs today to discuss why Atlanta is such a great place to start and grow a company.

The 14 companies invited to the Backed by ATL program this year are: