Revolutionizing the fabrics you wear and touch everyday.

brrr° has three unique cooling effects that work together to immediately and continuously reduce the temperature of your skin.

We call it the Triple Chill Effect™, and the cooling technology lasts for the life of the garment because it’s permanently embedded in the yarn. Every brrr° fabric is independently lab tested and proven to keep you cooler. Click on each icon to see the effects.

Cooling Materials

Creates an immediate and continuous cooling effect

cooling minerals
Active Wicking

Moves moisture away for nonstop comfort

active wicking
Rapid Drying

Delivers a fresh and crisp experience

rapid drying
brrrº fabric swatches and thread

All-day cooling comfort

When life brings the heat, brrr° cooling fabric scavenges for heat and moisture to keep you more cool and comfortable whether you are working from your home office, meeting friends for dinner, getting exercise, exploring the great outdoors, or sinking into bed for restorative rest.

brrr° fabrics are used in a wide range of products including bedding, undergarments, athletic and exercise apparel, outdoor apparel, athleisure, business attire, casual clothing and weekend wear, and everything in between.

Perform your best at work and at play with brrr° performance cooling fabric.

Scientist looking at microscope and wearing lab coat with brrr logo

Scientifically tested and proven

Every brrr° fabric is scientifically tested by independent third-party labs to prove its cooling, wicking, and drying properties. brrr° supports your body’s natural thermoregulation and actively reduces skin temperature to help you feel cool and dry.

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