we make cool° fabric

brrrº fabric can be woven into just about any garment, bedding or cloth accessory

groundbreaking fiber innovation proven to keep you cooler as certified by the Hohenstein Institute

always cool

brrrº fabrics all natural elements are cool to the touch and continually repel heat because they are 'powered by air'®.

how it works

proven to keep you cooler

brrr° technology has three unique cooling effects that combine to continually reduce the temperature of your skin. Our Triple Chill Effect combines endothermic, thermal effusivity and air permissivity technology to reduce skin temperature by 2-3° Fahrenheit after 20 minutes of exposure.

permanent cooling that never fades

a proprietary blend of minerals is embedded into the fiber of our yarn resulting in a permanent cooling effect that will not wash away over time.

moisture wicking

our fabrics’ wicking and breathability meet the highest industry standards. Moisture instantly evaporates from the surface of our fabrics, so you feel cooler and dryer than non-cooling, wicking fabrics.

unique airflow design

our patent-pending weaving & knitting designs allow greater airflow through the fabric enhancing our cooling capabilities

UV protection

UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) is similar to SPF (Sun Protection Factor), indicating how effectively fabrics shield skin from ultraviolet rays. Our fabrics offer a range of UPF protection and include the ultimate in 50 UPF.


our textile technology is tested and certified with the Hohenstein Institute quality label. Click Here to learn more.