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Brrr° Triple Chill Effect

brrr° technology has three unique cooling effects that combine to immediately and continually reduce the temperature of your skin. More specifically, our Triple Chill Effect® combines the power of cooling minerals, active wicking and rapid drying to enhance dryness and comfort while also working to reduce temperature.

  • Cooling minerals: Provides an immediate and continuous cooling effect
  • Active wicking: Moves moisture away for nonstop comfort
  • Rapid drying: Delivers a fresh and crisp experience
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brrrº recycled yarn combines our patented cooling technology, the Triple Chill Effect® with nylon and polyester from sources that are GRS (Global Recycled Standards) Certified to create a recycled fabric that is truly cool.

brrrº recycled fabrics have been tested and validated by independent laboratories with superior cooling results.

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brrr° Pro Fabrics and Yarns amplify the three unique and proven technologies of brrr° through the power of innovative micro-cooling technology. By enhancing each individual fiber, the Triple Chill Effect® intensifies and creates an athletic performance material featuring a trifecta of concentrated cooling, enhanced comfort, and a fresh experience.

  • Enhanced Cooling Fibers: Intensifies the concentration of the cooling effect
  • Hyper Wicking: Amplifies moisture movement for enhanced comfort
  • Performance Drying: Delivers an increased fresh experience
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