Recent developments happening in the world has lead most Americans to vacation at home during these uncertain times. As history would have it, at the turn into the 20th century city-dwellers would vacate their city homes for beach and lake houses. At that time, the USA coined the term vacation.

I am well-aware that many other nations follow the English and prefer to employ the term holiday, nevertheless, the USA prides itself in being delightfully creative – perhaps why we still use vacation to this very day.

The nature of vacation has changed in summer 2020. For example, in the past, a vacation meant that we were absent from the workplace. Whereas today, while on vacation, it is considered normal to remain on-call in lieu of being unreachable.

In a word, technology has changed the impact on human life. Rapid transmission in communications is at the forefront of almost everything we do. I for one am always telecommunicating and remaining plugged-in whilst on vacation. It is part of our lifestyles now. Case closed? Not yet.

This summer, be mindful that your wardrobe is required to appear up-to-date more than ever! Why? Instagram, that’s why. These days, many people are posting images and video of us and them.

Henceforth, I am presenting to you here a bevy of fashion and beauty products from beauty, to bags to swimsuits, to footwear… in order for you to take the leading role (prior to planning your vacation) during chic social engagements and fun in the sun.

Enjoy your vacation America. Lord knows we all need it this summer!

A sleeveless long crop tailored to fit in all the right places, ADAY’s Cool Down Crop is actually three tops in one. Designed to be worn open, closed, or wrapped with the snap function, you’ll still be finding new ways to wear it long after summer has ended. Made from ADAY’s Cool Weave fabric (powered by brrr° technology), it will literally cool you down as your day heats up. The patented Triple Chill Effect uses cooling minerals to provide an immediate + continuous cooling effect; active wicking to move moisture away for nonstop comfort; and rapid drying to deliver a fresh + crisp experience. It’s machine washable, offers UV protection for UPF 50+, and comes in two chic colors: coconut and forest.

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