Are you looking for a cooler, more refreshing night of sleep? 

SHEEX offers Midnight Label sheet sets made with brrr° cooling fabric that will draw heat and moisture away from your skin so you can fall into a deeper more restorative sleep.

The SHEEX sheet sets are an innovation in performance bedding, with brrr° natural cooling minerals, active wicking and rapid drying to create a Triple Chill Effect that supports your body’s natural thermoregulation.

Made with SHEEX’s Ridiculously Soft® and silky-smooth fabric, the Midnight Label sheets are cool to the touch and frictionless, minimizing the stress on your hair and skin caused by the tugging and pulling of traditional sheets. 

SHEEX Midnight Label sheets offer a more revitalizing sleep experience for women going through menopause or perimenopause, new mothers, parents who co-sleep with children, partners who share a bed — and anyone who is a hot sleeper.

SHEEX Midnight Label cooling sheets are available in all sizes and in a variety of colors. The fitted sheet includes athletic grade elastic for easy stretching around corners that stays in place plus sewn-in directional labels for easy bedmaking. The Queen size fits mattresses up to 18 inches deep while the King can accommodate up to 20 inches.

brrr° cooling fabric technology is independently lab tested and proven to reduce skin temperature, and it’s permanently embedded in the structure of the yarn itself so it won’t ever fade or wash out over time.

Looking for an extra touch of cool while you sleep? SHEEX also offers a Midnight Label cooling sleep mask to bring some of that chilly goodness to your sleepy eyes. Great for travelers, light sleepers or anyone who sleeps better when the room is extra dark, the sleep mask comes with a matching travel pouch and it’s machine washable.