The textile industry has made leaps and bounds in recent years by developing numerous performance fabrics that are changing our lives in ways large and small.

Major advances in performance fabric include the use of cooling technologies, wicking and drying capabilities, recycled material, organic plant material, and even components that were adopted from industrial applications such as carbon fiber and other abrasion-resistant materials.

Many retailers are remaking their most popular exercise, casual and office attire clothes with cooling fabric that draws heat and moisture away from the skin to keep people more comfortable as they go about their day.

We especially like these lines by ADAY, Atlas Menswear, Southern Tide, Kit and Ace, Coral Coast Clothing, Mizzen+Main, that feature brrr° cooling fabric.

Cooling technology is also making its way into everyday wardrobe staples such as these socks from Bigfoot Sock Co.

Another great example of advances in fabric is the uniforms and other apparel that Nike designed for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Nike created a windbreaker jacket and matching pants made from recycled plastic bottles, and its Air Vapormax sneaker is made with 75% manufacturing waste. Drawstring cords, zipper pulls and the Nike swoosh logo are made from recycled waste rubber that was melted down and refashioned into functional pieces. (The Olympic Games were postponed because of the coronavirus pandemic, and were rescheduled for 2021.)

Some companies are taking a cue from industrial technology to add rip-stop technology and abrasion resistance to their fabrics for garments made for hiking, biking, and other outdoor activities. Ceramic and other carbon fiber technology is similar to the materials used in automobiles, jet planes, space shuttles, and the International Space Station.

We look forward to being part of the next cycle of development in performance fabric, and we are committed to being a leader in making cooling fabrics even better than they are today.

brrr° is constantly pursuing advances in chemistry, dispersion techniques, raw materials, recycled content, manufacturing and other elements that can make our cooling fabric even cooler. 

To learn more about how brrr° can improve your fabrics, please reach out to us here.