As consumer demand for cooling fabric grows, performance fabric is quickly becoming an essential, no matter the month.

In the past, many thought cooling fabric was a hot-weather item. However, that myth is being cast aside, and cooling performance fabric is earning its rightful place as a key component for clothes—even when the mercury drops.

As a cooling fabrics innovator, brrr° combines the powers of natural cooling minerals, active wicking and rapid drying to draw heat and moisture away from your skin all day long. In addition to supporting your body’s natural thermoregulation when you get too hot, every brrr° fabric is scientifically tested by independent third-party labs to prove that it keeps you cooler and outperforms other brands.

For maximum cooling power, brrr° Pro amplifies the effect with enhanced fibers, offering hyper-wicking and performance-drying actions.

“Brrr° is a year-round ingredient for comfort and confidence, whether you are doing something intensely physical or simply living an active lifestyle,” said Mary-Cathryn Kolb, founder and CEO of the Atlanta-based brrr°. “We feel our best when we are cooler and dryer.”

Essential for maximum comfort

Numerous brands are using brrr° in a wide range of apparel, including garments intended for outdoor activities during the cooler months and transitional base layers that are versatile for the fall and spring bumper seasons.

For example, Aspen, Colorado-based Strafe Outerwear uses brrr° in its line of lightweight technical hoodies and jogger pants, which are great for hiking, camping and other intense outdoor activities. American-made outerwear brand Forloh has a line of pants, long-sleeved shirts and hoodies that use brrr° for ultimate comfort.

Brady Brand—created by retired NFL quarterback, Tom Brady—uses brrr° in its golf pants as well as its polos and T-shirts. Sportswear giant Adidas offers a line of polos and Henley polos for men, plus sleeveless polos for women that are year-round wardrobe utility players.

Casual and lifestyle brands also use brrr° to elevate the performance and comfort of wardrobe staples. GenTeal Apparel, for example, has a line of brrr° polos, and Southern Tide’s collection of polos, hoodies and button-down shirts are great transitional and layering pieces.

A solution for hot sleepers

Good sleep is essential when recovering from physical activity and everyday life, but many people struggle to fall or stay asleep.

To get better rest, research by the National Sleep Foundation shows that a quiet, dark and cool bedroom supports deeper sleep. However, while sleeping, many people overheat and get sweaty, interrupting sleep cycles and preventing the body from getting the deep, restorative rest that refreshes and energizes.

That’s why pajama experts Pajamagram created a line of cooling pajamas made with brrr° Pro cooling fabric. Bedding brand Sheex also offers Midnight Label sheet sets powered by brrr° cooling fabric.

“More retailers can enhance their apparel by adding patented brrr° cooling technology to their lineup. brrr° has hundreds of poly and nylon fabrics as well as blends, and can create custom cooling fabric to meet unique specifications,” Kolb said. “Even in the cooler months, brrr° can help keep you comfortable so you can get a better night’s rest.”

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