As our climate gets hotter, is there a way to fool Mother Nature through technological advancements in textiles that can help keep us cooler?

Absolutely, says Arthur Friedman, a lead writer at influential trade publication Sourcing Journal.

Product developments by brrr° and others help make the apparel wearer – from outdoor enthusiasts to spectators – cooler or warmer while also improving their performance, Friedman wrote. Products that battle odor, moisture, and durability are also getting more attention.

The Sourcing Journal article recognized the way brrr°’s patented cooling technology combines natural minerals, active wicking, and rapid drying to create a trademarked “Triple Chill Effect” that instantly and continuously draws heat and moisture away from the body.

Friedman also noted that brrr° nylon and polyester fabrics consistently outperformed numerous other comparable products in independent laboratory tests that measured Qmax (cool to the touch), wicking and dry time.

“The patented process behind brrr° cooling technology has just been put to the test by independent labs that show it consistently outperforms other products available to consumers and can keep people cooler and more comfortable in everyday activities,” Friedman wrote.

These “next level” advancements are going to help people cope with a warmer climate, he said.

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