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Textile innovator brrr° became a leader in cooling yarns and fabrics several years ago when the company introduced new technology that combines the power of natural cooling minerals, active wicking and rapid drying.

brrr° creates a “Triple Chill Effect” by instantly and continuously drawing heat and moisture away from the skin to keep you cooler and more comfortable all day long — whether you’re at the office, working from home, exercising, playing sports, or enjoying some leisure time with friends.

What sets brrr° apart is that its cooling technology is permanently embedded in the structure of the yarn itself. Unlike other brands that use sprays and coatings to achieve a cooling sensation, brrr° technology won’t ever fade or wash out over time.

Anchored in advanced scientific research and development, brrr° rigorously tests each fabric through globally recognized third party labs to verify its cooling properties and prove that its technology outperforms other brands.

Major retailers including Simms FishingForlohGreyson ClothiersLandseerSouthern TideVineyard VinesADAYKit + AceShinestyPajamagramSheex and many others use brrr° cooling technology to make their apparel even better.

Building on its foundational cooling technology, and now offers a performance fabric called brrr° Pro that has a more intense cooling effect.

brrr° Pro harnesses the power of micro cooling technology to create the coolest polyester in the market, with enhanced cooling fibers that intensify the concentration of brrr° cooling minerals. brrr° Pro also amplifies moisture management for hyper wicking, while performance drying delivers a fresh and crisp experience.

Scientists at brrr° spent more than three years developing brrr° Pro, and they tested dozens of formulas before landing on their most advanced technology yet. Because it helps keep people cooler, drier, and more comfortable so they can perform their best at work and at play, brrr° Pro can also help reduce reliance on air conditioning and other energy sources — which is good for the planet.

The Atlanta-based company is also committed to sustainability, and offers numerous eco-friendly fabrics such as brrr° Recycled Poly and other blends of natural and synthetic yarns. While brrr° has enjoyed Global Recycled Standard (GRS) certification through its mill partners for many years, the company recently received direct GRS certification to assure customers that its products are being made in a sustainable way.

brrr° scientists continue to develop new advanced cooling products, with numerous research projects actively underway.

The company is also constantly innovating new woven and knit fabrics with interesting tactile and visual textures such as creative patterns and physical textures like jacquard.

brrr° offers a library of hundreds of fabrics to choose from, for ultimate flexibility and adaptability for a wide range of applications and uses: business attire, casual apparel, athletic apparel, athleisure, pajamas and intimates, bedding, furniture textiles and many other industries.

Learn more about brrr°, brrr° Pro and brrr° Recycled fabrics here, and you can browse their digital fabric library or view test results.

For more information, please contact brrr° at

brrr° and Strafe Outerwear Introduce Performance Cooling Apparel

ATLANTA — Aug. 3, 2022 — Cooling yarn innovator brrr°® has partnered with Strafe Outerwear to introduce a new line of technical apparel for men and women made with brrr° cooling performance fabric.

The Strafe Summer Capsule made with brrr° cooling fabric includes men’s and women’s technical apparel such as sun hoodies, t-shirts and shorts aimed at hikers, runners, fishers, MTBers, paddlers and anyone who enjoys an active lifestyle.

The Strafe Summer Capsule featuring brrr° can be purchased starting in August 2022 through Strafe’s website at and at Strafe’s showrooms in Aspen, Colorado and Snowmass Village, Colorado.

The new Strafe Summer Capsule garments are made with brrr° cooling fabric, which has natural cooling minerals, active wicking and rapid drying to create a “Triple Chill Effect®” that instantly continuously draws heat and moisture away from your skin. The garments also have superior sun protection, and are machine washable.

“We enjoy working with a brand like Strafe that is just as committed to technical innovation and comfort as we are,” said Mary-Cathryn Kolb, Founder and CEO of brrr°. “Bringing the cooling power of brrr° to Strafe gives consumers another easy way to stay cool and comfortable no matter where life takes them.”

All brrr° products are independently tested by globally recognized third-party labs to prove that they keep you cooler and outperform other cooling brands in the market.

brrr° offers a library of hundreds of brrr° polyester and brrr° nylon yarns, brrr° Pro yarns, and brrr° recycled yarns in a wide array of synthetic or natural compositions such as cotton, wool and other materials used to achieve specific attributes in textiles. 


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About brrr°

brrr°® was founded in 2014 with a vision to develop advanced cooling fabric technology that could improve the items we wear and touch in our everyday lives. brrr° uses natural cooling minerals, active wicking and rapid drying to create a Triple Chill Effect™ that instantly and continuously draws heat and moisture away from the skin. Its newest offering, brrr° Pro, uses the power of micro minerals to deliver performance level cooling for athletic and activewear apparel. The Atlanta-based company is privately held and led by Founder & CEO Mary-Cathryn Kolb, who previously held senior positions at Spanx, Seven7 Jeans, TOMS Shoes and Von Dutch.

Why Global Recycled Standard (GRS) Certification Matters

Where is your recycled yarn coming from, and what material is going into it?

Businesses that manufacture recycled yarns are validated by the Global Recycled Standard (GRS) certification to show customers and consumers that they are committed to internationally recognized standards and practices for sustainability.

GRS certification was created to reduce the impact on people and the environment from the production of materials by driving a higher percentage of recycled content in products. 

The GRS certification also provides assurance for retailers and consumers that products are being made in a more sustainable way. The standard is managed with input from key stakeholders such as recyclers, suppliers, brands, and retailers all over the world.

GRS verifies that recycled materials are used, and it also tracks responsible production methods. Companies must demonstrate a chain of custody, and obtain certification from a professional third party that audits and validates each step of the supply chain.

Products that have earned a GRS certification can include the GRS logo on their products to let consumers know the items have been sustainably produced. 

brrr° has enjoyed GRS certification for many years through our mill partners, and now we also have a direct GRS certification for both brrr° recycled nylon and brrr° recycled polyester yarns.

brrr° is committed to reducing our environmental footprint as we develop and produce advanced cooling fabric technology in more sustainable ways so we can divert materials from landfills and make a minimal impact on local and global ecosystems.

brrr° offers several recycled cooling yarn options in both recycled nylon and recycled polyester, as well as recycled nylon/polyester blends. brrrº cooling technology includes natural cooling minerals, active wicking, and rapid drying to provide instant and continuous cooling to keep any lifestyle comfortable.

GRS certification is important to us, and it’s one of many ways we show our customers that we’re a responsible citizen and committed to protecting our planet. Learn more about brrr° recycled cooling yarns.


brrr° Welcomes Retail Executive Christopher Heyn to Board

We are excited to welcome seasoned retail and apparel executive Christopher Heyn to our Board of Directors!

Heyn has extensive experience in the apparel and retail industry and has propelled numerous brands to growth and prominence in their category.

He was most recently Chief Executive Officer of Southern Tide, which is one of the fastest-growing lifestyle apparel brands in the United States with leisure and activewear collections for men, women and children as well as collegiate themed apparel and fashion accessories.

While at Southern Tide, Heyn led the brand’s omni channel expansion to build its direct-to-consumer and business-to-business efforts, oversaw the opening of 20 retail stores, improved the catalogue, and expanded product availability to more than 1,200 specialty retailers including premium department stores as well as the resort and golf channel. He also enhanced the company’s brand ambassador program to promote Southern Tide among influencers on college campuses, launched a women’s collection, and oversaw the creation of a brrr° Collection of apparel that instantly and continuously draws heat and moisture away from the skin.

Earlier in his career, Heyn was CEO and Chairman of sportswear marketer Summit Golf Brands, where he transformed the company’s operations by enhancing revenue and profitability to propel Summit Golf to become the third-largest golf apparel company in the country. He previously served as Senior Vice President of the National Basketball Association’s Global Merchandise Group and served as President of Nautica, where he helped elevate the brand to become the #2 ranked men’s sportswear collection in the United States.

“Chris is one of the most insightful and forward-thinking leaders in apparel and retail, and we are fortunate to add his expertise and wisdom to our Board of Directors,” said Mary-Cathryn Kolb, Founder and CEO of brrr°. “Chris has a special talent for spotting and responding to consumer demands, and we welcome his hands-on leadership and institutional knowledge as we strengthen our board and enter a new stage of growth.”


brrr° Founder & CEO Speaks at EY Forum

We were excited to see brrr° Founder & CEO Mary-Cathryn Kolb featured at a fireside chat about the power of resilience as part of the EY Strategic Growth Forum in California last week.

Kolb joined milk + honey spa founder Alissa Bayer on stage and they talked about pivoting their business models during the pandemic, how they are supporting employees through unprecedented stress on their personal and professional lives, and how they are managing the ongoing global supply chain disruptions.

The entrepreneurs talked about what resilience looks like in action, and how determination and grit shape them as leaders and decision makers.

"It's about progress over perfection," Kolb said.

The EY Strategic Growth Forum is an annual event that forges high-value CEO-to-CEO connections. This year's gathering featured Emmy winning actor and director Dan Levy of Schitt's Creek, former professional driver and entrepreneur Danica Patrick, VF Corporation CEO Steve Rendle, and Athena Technology Acquisition Corp. Co-Founder and CEO Phyllis Newhouse, who is the only Black female CEO of a SPAC listed company on the New York Stock Exchange.

brrr° Founder & CEO Mary-Cathryn Kolb Presents at Venture Atlanta 2021

We were excited to see brrr° Founder & CEO Mary-Cathryn Kolb take the stage at the #VA2021 investor conference hosted by Venture Atlanta.

This was a record-breaking and hyper competitive year for the conference with more than 400 applicants, and brrr° was honored to be chosen as one of the most promising tech companies in the Southeast.

It was the second time Kolb was chosen to present on-stage in front of a limited group of investors and sponsors including Invesco, Mailchimp, Stax, Cherry Bekaert, Truist and Goldman Sachs to name a few.

“The energy and pent-up demand to connect growth stage companies with investors who are actively seeking to place funds was palpable at Venture Atlanta,” said Kolb, who founded brrr° in 2014 after previous leadership roles at companies including Spanx and TOMS Shoes. “We deeply appreciate the opportunity to tell our story of innovation and traction at a time when we are actively raising a new round of venture capital.”

Since it was created in 2007, Venture Atlanta has grown to become one of the leading investor conferences in the country by helping launch more than 500 companies who raised more than $6.5 billion in funding to date.

Previous participants include ParkMobile (bought by EasyPark Group), Kabbage (bought by American Express), Cloud Sherpas (bought by Accenture) Pindrop and SalesLoft, which was recently valued at $1.1 billion.


The Future of Cool: brrr° Pro

We’re relentless when it comes to developing new advances in cooling fabric technology, especially against the backdrop of rising global temperatures. 

That’s why we spent more than three years and experimented on dozens of formulas before we landed on our most sophisticated performance cooling fabric yet: brrr° Pro.

brrr° Pro uses enhanced cooling fibers, hyper wicking, and performance drying to elevate the Triple Chill Effect® that instantly and continuously draws heat and moisture away from the skin.

It’s a new concentrated cooling technology that harnesses the power of micro-cooling technology and advanced dispersion techniques to intensify the cooling power of brrr°. 

Like all brrr° products, brrr° Pro is independently lab tested by globally recognized third-party labs and proven to outperform other brands.

Because it can help keep people cooler, drier, and more confident so they can perform their best at work and at play, brrr° Pro can also help reduce our reliance on central air conditioning and that’s good for the planet.

Learn more about brrr° Pro by connecting with one of our experts.

Can Our Clothes Keep Us Cooler?

Global temperatures continue to trend hotter, and many people feel like there isn’t much they can do about it as individuals.

What if we could choose clothes and other household items that reduce our need for central air conditioning and energy consumption?

brrr° advanced cooling fabric technology can draw heat and moisture away from our skin, which keeps us cooler and more comfortable even when the thermometer rises.

Better thermoregulation and less sweat means we’re less likely to crank the thermostat down to colder temperatures, and that lowers our use of fossil fuels that contribute to global warming.


brrr°’s patented technology uses natural cooling minerals, active wicking, and rapid drying to create a Triple Chill Effect®️ that instantly lowers the temperature of our skin and encourages the evaporation of moisture. brrr° fabrics are independently lab tested and proven to perform better than other brands. To learn more, check out our test results here.

Man, It’s Getting Hot Outside

Our planet has gotten a lot warmer over the last several decades, and the pace of change is accelerating rapidly. 

As scientists study the causes and politicians negotiate policy changes, there’s one thing consumers can do to contribute to a healthier planet: look for advances in fabric and other materials that help keep us cooler and reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.

To lower your energy consumption for central air conditioning, the U.S. Department of Energy recommends turning your thermostat up several degrees in the summer while you’re away and then lowering it to a more comfortable temperature when you return. 

Doing this, and taking the reverse approach during the cold winter months, can help reduce your energy bill by as much as 10% per year.

Fabrics that draw heat and moisture away from your skin can help you feel cooler and drier all day long so you won’t need to turn the thermostat as low when summertime temperatures rise.

brrr°’s patented cooling fabric technology combines the powers of natural cooling minerals, active wicking and rapid drying to create a Triple Chill Effect®️ that instantly and continuously draws heat and moisture away from the skin. Each brrr° fabric is independently lab tested and proven to keep you cooler and outperform other brands.

Clothing, undergarments, bedding, accessories, and numerous other products are powered by brrr° fabrics. Learn more here.

brrr° Selected as a Venture Atlanta 2021 Presenting Company

Over $6.5 billion in funding awarded to date; leading tech investment conference continues to select large and diverse lineup of innovators from the Southeast’s hottest tech markets.

ATLANTA – Sept. 22 2021 – brrr° is pleased to have been chosen as one of the top technology companies in the Southeast to present at Venture Atlanta 2021 conference in a hyper-competitive year with a record-breaking pool of 400-plus applicants.

This is the second time brrr° has been invited to present, and its first appearance was in 2017 when it was included in the startup showcase. This year’s Venture Atlanta conference will be held October 20-21, with more than 300 investors from funds across the nation participating.

For 14 years, the annual Venture Atlanta conference has been selecting the most promising tech companies to pitch their investment case to the top investment firms in America. Venture Atlanta has helped launch more than 500 companies and raise $6.5 billion to expand the region’s vibrant tech community.

“We are excited to be in front of influential investors at Venture Atlanta at a time when we’re actively raising a new round of venture funding to support our growth,” said Mary-Cathryn Kolb, the Founder & CEO of brrr°.

Kolb started brrr° in 2014 to develop advanced performance cooling fabric technology that helps keep people more comfortable in their everyday lives. brrr°’s patented technology combines the power of natural cooling minerals, active wicking, and rapid drying to create a “Triple Chill Effect®” that instantly and continuously draws heat and moisture away from the skin. Its newest offering is brrr° Pro, which uses micro cooling minerals to amplify the cooling effect. Retailers including Southern Tide, Vineyard Vines, Reebok, Shinesty, Simms Fishing, and Sheex use brrr° to enhance their products.

This year’s Venture Atlanta will be held in person with a limited number of tickets available and will also be offered online for those who wish to tune in virtually. For those attending in person, Venture Atlanta is back with its always-great sessions, company presentations, networking opportunities, and outdoor dinner events. 

“Venture Atlanta has become the authority for recognizing technology innovation across the Southeast and beyond, connecting the best and brightest innovators with top-tier, national investors and other leaders in our tech ecosystem,” said Venture Atlanta CEO Allyson Eman. “We again set a new record with over 400 applicants for Venture Atlanta Momentum 2021—it’s our most competitive year ever and reflects yet another raising of the bar in terms of presenter quality.”

Building off last year’s successful virtual model, Venture Atlanta’s online experience offers a high-production-quality option that mirrors the benefits of the live conference. Virtual attendees can connect with others at the conference, set up one-on-one meetings, stroll the virtual show floor, watch pitches in real-time, and use features like live chat and audience polling. Each ticket purchased provides attendees with on-demand access to all Venture Atlanta pitches and content for a full year.   

Invesco is this year’s premier sponsor, with Mailchimp and Stax as presenting sponsors. Venture Atlanta will conclude with Atlanta Startup Battle, in which the top five ASB companies will pitch on stage against one another to win a $100,000 investment.  

To learn more about brrr°, visit For additional information about Venture Atlanta, to register for the event, or to view the conference schedule, please visit

About Venture Atlanta

Venture Atlanta, the Southeast’s technology innovation event, is where the region’s most promising tech companies meet the country's top-tier investors. As the Southeast's largest investor showcase helping launch more than 500 companies and raise $6.5 billion in funding to date, the event connects the region’s top entrepreneurs with local and national investors and others in the technology ecosystem who can help them raise the capital they need to grow their businesses. The annual nonprofit event is a collaboration of the Atlanta CEO Council, Metro Atlanta Chamber, and the Technology Association of Georgia (TAG). For more information, visit For updates, follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn, and visit our blog.

About brrr°

brrr° was founded in 2014 with a vision of developing technologically advanced performance cooling fabrics that improve the items we wear and touch in our everyday lives. brrr° uses natural cooling minerals, active wicking, and rapid drying to create a “Triple Chill Effect®” that immediately and continuously draws heat and moisture away from the skin. Our newest offering is brrr° Pro, a performance level technology that uses micro cooling minerals to amplify the cooling effect and is our most advanced cooling fabric yet. Atlanta-based brrr° is privately held and led by Founder & CEO Mary-Cathryn Kolb, who previously held senior positions at Spanx, Seven7 Jeans, Von Dutch, and TOMS Shoes. For more information, please visit


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