brrr° Selected as a Venture Atlanta 2021 Presenting Company

Over $6.5 billion in funding awarded to date; leading tech investment conference continues to select large and diverse lineup of innovators from the Southeast’s hottest tech markets.

ATLANTA – Sept. 22 2021 – brrr° is pleased to have been chosen as one of the top technology companies in the Southeast to present at Venture Atlanta 2021 conference in a hyper-competitive year with a record-breaking pool of 400-plus applicants.

This is the second time brrr° has been invited to present, and its first appearance was in 2017 when it was included in the startup showcase. This year’s Venture Atlanta conference will be held October 20-21, with more than 300 investors from funds across the nation participating.

For 14 years, the annual Venture Atlanta conference has been selecting the most promising tech companies to pitch their investment case to the top investment firms in America. Venture Atlanta has helped launch more than 500 companies and raise $6.5 billion to expand the region’s vibrant tech community.

“We are excited to be in front of influential investors at Venture Atlanta at a time when we’re actively raising a new round of venture funding to support our growth,” said Mary-Cathryn Kolb, the Founder & CEO of brrr°.

Kolb started brrr° in 2014 to develop advanced performance cooling fabric technology that helps keep people more comfortable in their everyday lives. brrr°’s patented technology combines the power of natural cooling minerals, active wicking, and rapid drying to create a “Triple Chill Effect®” that instantly and continuously draws heat and moisture away from the skin. Its newest offering is brrr° Pro, which uses micro cooling minerals to amplify the cooling effect. Retailers including Southern Tide, Vineyard Vines, Reebok, Shinesty, Simms Fishing, and Sheex use brrr° to enhance their products.

This year’s Venture Atlanta will be held in person with a limited number of tickets available and will also be offered online for those who wish to tune in virtually. For those attending in person, Venture Atlanta is back with its always-great sessions, company presentations, networking opportunities, and outdoor dinner events. 

“Venture Atlanta has become the authority for recognizing technology innovation across the Southeast and beyond, connecting the best and brightest innovators with top-tier, national investors and other leaders in our tech ecosystem,” said Venture Atlanta CEO Allyson Eman. “We again set a new record with over 400 applicants for Venture Atlanta Momentum 2021—it’s our most competitive year ever and reflects yet another raising of the bar in terms of presenter quality.”

Building off last year’s successful virtual model, Venture Atlanta’s online experience offers a high-production-quality option that mirrors the benefits of the live conference. Virtual attendees can connect with others at the conference, set up one-on-one meetings, stroll the virtual show floor, watch pitches in real-time, and use features like live chat and audience polling. Each ticket purchased provides attendees with on-demand access to all Venture Atlanta pitches and content for a full year.   

Invesco is this year’s premier sponsor, with Mailchimp and Stax as presenting sponsors. Venture Atlanta will conclude with Atlanta Startup Battle, in which the top five ASB companies will pitch on stage against one another to win a $100,000 investment.  

To learn more about brrr°, visit For additional information about Venture Atlanta, to register for the event, or to view the conference schedule, please visit

About Venture Atlanta

Venture Atlanta, the Southeast’s technology innovation event, is where the region’s most promising tech companies meet the country's top-tier investors. As the Southeast's largest investor showcase helping launch more than 500 companies and raise $6.5 billion in funding to date, the event connects the region’s top entrepreneurs with local and national investors and others in the technology ecosystem who can help them raise the capital they need to grow their businesses. The annual nonprofit event is a collaboration of the Atlanta CEO Council, Metro Atlanta Chamber, and the Technology Association of Georgia (TAG). For more information, visit For updates, follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn, and visit our blog.

About brrr°

brrr° was founded in 2014 with a vision of developing technologically advanced performance cooling fabrics that improve the items we wear and touch in our everyday lives. brrr° uses natural cooling minerals, active wicking, and rapid drying to create a “Triple Chill Effect®” that immediately and continuously draws heat and moisture away from the skin. Our newest offering is brrr° Pro, a performance level technology that uses micro cooling minerals to amplify the cooling effect and is our most advanced cooling fabric yet. Atlanta-based brrr° is privately held and led by Founder & CEO Mary-Cathryn Kolb, who previously held senior positions at Spanx, Seven7 Jeans, Von Dutch, and TOMS Shoes. For more information, please visit


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Forloh's "Partners in Innovation" Article on brrrº Partnership

How FORLOH and brrr° are Working Together to Create Cutting-Edge “Made in America” Hunting Gear.

When Andy Techmanski started FORLOH in early 2020, he did it because he wanted to make the best possible hunting gear and clothing, and do it exclusively in America. Moreover, he wanted to redefine what was possible for hunting garments, so he and his team thought outside the box and looked for other like-minded innovation partners who were committed to the “100% Made in America” mission.

One of those individuals was Mary-Cathryn Kolb, founder & CEO of the innovative, self-cooling fabric, brrr°. Kolb leveraged her decades of experience in the garment industry, to unlock a patented cooling fabric technology.

Where Did the Idea for brrr° Begin?

“The idea for brrr° started about a decade ago when I was a sales executive at Spanx,” Kolb said. “I was intrigued by how these tiny little fibers could work so hard to stretch and support our bodies, and I started to think: ‘What else could they do? What if they could actually keep us cooler? What if they could draw heat and moisture away from our skin?’ And the idea for brrr° was born.”

Still, there’s a difference between an idea and a viable product. So when Kolb saw how much potential there was for this product, she quickly took steps to make her idea a reality.

“I did a lot of research and discovered that there really hadn’t been very many advances in ‘cooling’ fabric in 20 years!” she said. “Some brands claim that they are cooling, but they’re really just good at wicking. They don’t actually remove heat. So we knew we had to do something very innovative if we wanted to shake up the industry. I quit my day job and raised some seed capital and began working on R&D for brrr°.”

Kolb notes that there was a lot of trial and error to perfect brrr°.

“We worked on brrr° for years,” she said. “There were dozens of formulas we considered, and we kept testing and iterating and tweaking the formula, until we got it just right. Our teams in Taiwan and the U.S. ran tests on more than 1,000 kgs of yarn, which is almost as heavy as some cars. So it was a pretty big effort”

How Does brrr° Technology Work?

So how does it work? Kolb explained that brrr° combines three important elements: natural cooling minerals, active wicking and rapid drying.

“Together they create something we call the ‘Triple Chill Effect’ that instantly draws heat and moisture away from your skin, and keeps doing that the longer you wear it,” she said. “When you lay brrr° fabric against your skin, you can actually feel how cool it is. That’s a big differentiator in stores when people can touch it and feel the difference.”

People notice innovation, especially if they can feel the difference. That’s why we jumped at the opportunity to partner with them and use their all-new brrr° PRO technology in several of our new apparel lines.

“brrr° Pro is our most advanced cooling technology yet,” said Kolb. “It’s more intense cooling, and it uses micro cooling minerals that intensify the cooling sensation. There’s also hyper wicking and performance drying. These three technologies work together to deliver performance-level advanced cooling.

“We recently tested it on a device called a Manikin to mimic the performance of a human. Those tests showed that it continues to cool you off more when you wear it for a longer period of time, which is really important for hunters, anglers and anyone who spends time outdoors.”

Like FORLOH, brrr° takes great pride in its final product, sending each garment through rigorous QA processes, including lab testing every piece of brrr° fabric.

“We run every fabric through rigorous testing with independent globally respected third-party labs, and we test against other competing brands in the market to prove that brrr° outperforms,” Kolb said.

As both FORLOH and brrr° continue their growth, Kolb is eager to see what the future holds, especially given shifting trends in consumer shopping.

As both FORLOH and brrr° continue their growth, Kolb is eager to see what the future holds.

“Consumers have gotten used to wearing more comfortable and casual clothes while they’ve been working from home, and they don’t want to give up that comfort when they go back to the office or transition to hybrid office/remote work,” Kolb observed. “Retailers are working hard to respond and rethink their designs, cuts, fabrics and features — and we think brrr° is in a great position to meet those needs and deliver superior cooling comfort.”

FORLOH is ready to help deliver that comfort. To check out our apparel featuring the brrr° PRO cooling technology, see them here.

Follow us @forloh_officialon Instagram!


Why Forloh?Join the future of hunting!

By FORLOH Ambassador Maranda Hough

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AATCC Features brrrº: Innovative Breathable and Sustainable Fabrics

Innovative Breathable and Sustainable Fabrics by Dr. Thanaseelen Rajasakran

woman in the mountains

Global warming has spawned global “heated” conversations and debates. The threat of climate change and the issue of sustainability affecting lives and livelihoods still does matter. Result: there is immense pressure on a variety of industries in terms of environmental sustainability—escalated by the influence of environmental groups like Extinction Rebellion.

One industry particularly affected by the shifting patterns of generally warmer climates is the sportswear industry. In either hot or cold temperatures, exercise is an essential part of one’s normal wellbeing and existence. Dressing in the right comfortable attire matters as well. However, the Harvard Business Review points out, about 30% of all textile consumption are susceptible to climate change.

The reality check for sportswear manufacturers is that they need to have a re-think when it comes to innovative solutions—as espoused by the Textile Exchange—in creating new materials of comfort for people who exercise. Not only must the solution function excellently, but it must also adhere to sustainability goals.

Breathable Innovation

Courtesy of brrr°

Researchers have upped the ante with the discovery of new breathable materials. Biomimicry takes innovative concepts from nature, such as the pinecone (with its microporous scale structure), that opens and closes according to outside temperature. Researchers have been working on several innovative technologies, from cellulose-based fibers coated with a thin layer of carbon nanotubes, to wine bottle corks. Granulated cork works on the premise quite like a vehicle radiator that chokes-out excess heat, with the promise to maintain a cooler human body.

Essentially, it means when prevalent environmental conditions are warm and moist on the outside, the fabric essentially allows heat to pass through, and vice versa when the environment is cool and dry, making it easier for individuals when exercising as heat is released in the form of perspiration.

Blue and gray fabrics
Courtesy of brrr°

Some fabrics even contain environmentally friendly minerals, which act as “heat scavengers” pulling heat away from the skin surface to provide a cool-to-touch sensation, notes Courtney Cruzan, Vice President of Sourcing and Product Development at brrr°.

Testing and measurement undertaken by Intertek Testing Services in Taiwan, has indicated brrr°’s nylon and polyester fabrics outperform comparable products in lab tests, as per Qmax (cool to the touch) standards, wicking (which draws moisture away from the body), and dry time.

Sustainability Concerns

Still, the question remains if these new fashionable sporting materials support the United Nations Sustainable Development 2030 Goals? Another constant environmental challenge and responsibility that sportswear designers and product developers face today concerns wastewater management, particularly plastic fiber fragments (often called “microfibers”). These are usually smaller than five millimeters and are solid insoluble synthetic polymers, almost invisible to the naked eye. Greenpeace notes there is hardly any global body of water, including lakes, rivers, seas, and the deep ocean that is impervious to plastic.

According to Cruzan, brrr° materials have a proprietary blend of minerals, which are not on the American Apparel & Footwear Association’s Restricted Substance List. Its fabric partners also adhere to strict environmental standards as required by Okeo-Tex and Bluesign certification. Cruzan points out that brrr° materials have sustainability in mind and are “ahead of the SDG2030 goals.”

plaid blue fabrics
Courtesy of brrr°

With meaningful steps to address sustainability issues concerning breathable sportwear, the outlook for sportswear is looking chic and cool. “The future looks bright with more stakeholders jumping on the breathable sportswear sustainability bandwagon,” says Cruzan.

Dr. Thanaseelen Rajasakran is an Assistant Professor at a Malaysian university, Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman. He is passionate about all things concerning environmental sustainability.

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Mary Cathryn's Reponse to "Developing an Effective Social Media Presence"

15 tips for developing an effective social media presence

Social media has become an integral component of nearly every business’s marketing strategy. The most effective social media strategies are smart, on-brand, and reliable. To develop a strategy that ticks all three boxes, it’s essential to identify your target audience and develop a unique voice for speaking to them.

Whether you opt for in-house employees, third-party contractors, or virtual assistants to handle your social media strategy, they must be fully in tune with your brand and community. Below, the members of Business Journals Leadership Trust share 15 expert strategies to help businesses develop and manage an effective social presence.

1. Understand your organization’s needs.

Do you need a big social marketing team that requires a hefty budget, or would a small group of creative and experienced people be enough? Next, determine a strategy. Set goals and objectives and deduce the budget accordingly. A straightforward layout with members knowing their exact roles will reduce friction in developing creative ideas and reduce unnecessary costs. – Alina Clark, CocoDoc

2. Create a clear message.

The most important social media considerations are content and consistency. Firms that “win” the game create a clear message, identify the platforms that best fit their brand image and dedicate a person or team to posting fresh content to keep followers engaged. Start small, focus on quality and grow your platforms organically with consistent, well-considered messaging and execution. – John Palter, Palter Sims Martinez PLLC

3. Blend social media efforts with PR, marketing and sales.

Make social media part of the overall marketing strategy. I often see companies operating social media as a separate campaign, and the results are dismal. However, when social media is blended into PR, marketing and sales, the impact can yield high results. – Donna Michaels, LMGPR

4. Keep it smart and sincere.

Too many companies try to saturate social media channels with daily posts or beautiful graphics, but that doesn’t necessarily tell your story in a smart way. Focus on what makes you better and different from the other guys — is it about comfort, is it about feeling better, is it about confidence? Find that niche and own it. – Mary-Cathryn Kolb, brrrº

5. Go where your target clients are.

Align the target client you are looking for with the right social media platform. Then communicate your social media strategy in the voice of that client. Too often, companies are publishing great social media content, but it’s on the wrong social media channel. For example, if you are looking for retirees on LinkedIn, you’re going to have a hard time seeing results. – Bryan Sarff, True Wealth & Company

6. Work backward from your clients’ and industry influencers’ preferences.

Think about your clients and influencers. What platforms are they most likely to engage with? Start there. Your social media should be an extension of your brand narrative, and you should give more than you ask for. A good rule of thumb: Think of your social media as an NPR channel; tell great stories and share new ideas, but only ask for something once a season. – Kathleen Lucente, Red Fan Communications

7. Hire people who will best relate to your audience.

Find people who will best relate to your company’s target demographic. Put them on your social media content team. Chances are they will communicate more authentically with your company’s primary customer in your social media messaging. – Keith Woods, KB Woods Public Relations

8. Seek alignment with your core values.

It all goes back to core values. You have to have people managing your social media presence who believe in the same core values the rest of your team does. The social media team needs to truly know you and your brand, and they absolutely have to believe in the mission. If they do, it’s easier for them to be effective on social media because, at their core, they have the same motivations you do. – Kris Lindahl, Kris Lindahl Real Estate

9. Monitor and adjust your strategy.

You can post every single day and waste thousands of dollars on advertising, but if it is targeting the wrong demographic, it is not beneficial to you or your business in any way. Constantly check and recheck your target audience for your ads and check the demographics to make sure they are hitting the right market. – Scott Scully, Abstrakt Marketing Group

10. Diversify your team’s skill sets.

Make sure you’re diversifying your skill sets as you build your team, whether by hiring an in-house marketer or adding depth to your bench with an outsourced partner. Successful social media relies on innovative thinking and unique tactics, so build a proactive team comprising multiple marketing disciplines and backgrounds to achieve your business goals. – Melea McRae, Crux KC

11. Prioritize a few channels to maximize ROI.

Identify which channels your audience is using most and focus your efforts on those. Prioritizing can help maximize your social media ROI and will help you craft meaningful messages for those platforms you use. Your goal is not to engage everyone on social media but to be thoughtful in marketing to those who have an interest in your product, service or intellectual property. – Liz Wooten-Reschke, Connect For More

12. Have a goal for your social campaigns.

Why are you running this campaign? For name recognition? To promote a particular product or service? The “why” matters for the message. If it is simply for name recognition, you want to run items of interest that are consistent with your brand and that people find interesting and want to share. Conversely, generalized messages won’t work for a specific product or service. – Christine Durrett, Durrett & Kersting PLLC

13. Treat your social media presence with professionalism.

A social media campaign can create additional visibility beyond a great website, SEO and SEM. It must build on and reinforce existing content, offer an interesting and “bite-sized” topic, have goals and metrics, and be reviewed and measured consistently. Social media can be a relatively low-cost program, but that doesn’t mean it should not be treated with professionalism. – Mark Coronna, Chief Outsiders

14. Encapsulate your ‘solution’ in your posts.

All of your communication — including social media — needs to encapsulate the solution your organization offers for the problem your clients and prospects have. The content the team creates should clarify and reverberate what separates your company from the pack. – Rachel Namoff, Arapaho Asset Management

15. Establish a vision for what you want your brand to represent.

Our vision is to provide legendary IT support for businesses. We brand that message everywhere we can and work to make its presentation consistent across all platforms. It takes multiple outreach efforts to build a consistent image, so be sure each time you reach out to your audience that you are presenting your message in a consistent way. – Jared Knisley, Fizen Technology

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We’re Honored to Join Backed by ATL

We are excited to be included among 14 fast-growing companies that have been added to the “Backed by ATL” program run by the Metro Atlanta Chamber.

The organization helps emerging middle-market companies gain scale and drive greater impact across the region through innovation and perseverance.

Backed by ATL companies have raised over $1 billion in capital and created more than 3,600 jobs in metro Atlanta since the program’s inception in 2017, according to the chamber.

“Entrepreneurship is at the core of metro Atlanta’s business community, which is experiencing unstoppable momentum and has emerged as the global hub for innovation,” said Katie Kirkpatrick, President & CEO, Metro Atlanta Chamber

“Atlanta’s history of innovation, exceptionally diverse talent pool buoyed by our higher education institutions, and strong center of corporate headquarters form the foundation of this sustained innovation energy, which is powering Atlanta to produce unicorns at an unprecedented pace and welcome the most recognized technology firms in the world to join us,” she said.

The 2021 companies joining Backed by ATL celebrate innovation across Atlanta’s wide range of industries, with enterprises created to help feed late-night cravings, protect neighborhoods, address food insecurity, modernize supply chain services and solve customer problems, keep people cool, package goods and prevent fraud. 

Mary-Cathryn Kolb, Founder and CEO of brrr°, will join a panel of other entrepreneurs today to discuss why Atlanta is such a great place to start and grow a company.

The 14 companies invited to the Backed by ATL program this year are:




brrr° Presented at the 5th Vietnam Textile Summit 2021

Perpetually Cool: How Advances in Cooling Textile Technology Can Help Combat Global Warming


With a passion for textiles, Courtney holds a B.S. in Clothing, Textiles, and Design and an International MBA.
With 15+ years of experience in the textile and apparel industry, she has spent 7 years of her professional career working in China & Taiwan. Her French and Chinese language skills have opened many doors to grow her wide industry network.

When she is not out hiking with her dogs, Courtney develops and sources quality, sustainable textiles by leveraging her global manufacturing connections to benefit all consumers.

As brrr° VP Sourcing and Product Development, her goal is to keep the world cool by bravely innovating without boundaries and fostering creativity for exponential growth!

Find out more about the Vietnam Textile Summit here

brrr° Adopts Texbase & Launches Online Material Library

brrr° delivers a new digital material library to customers, powered by Texbase!

Bozeman, Montana (January 14, 2021) – Texbase, Inc., a cloud-based data management and collaboration platform for the textile and consumer products industries, announces their continued collaboration with brrr°.

brrr° is an innovator of fabric technology that is “Proven to Keep You Cooler”. Their exclusive, patented yarns and specialized manufacturing techniques combine natural cooling minerals, active wicking, and rapid drying technology to create a Triple Chill Effect® for an instant and permanent cooling sensation that won’t ever fade or wash out.

brrr° chose Texbase to accelerate the process of turning innovative material science concepts into commercialized fabrics. Texbase Materials provides the digital assets needed to clearly define yarn and fabric attributes. Texbase Testing captures the data that confirms physical properties and quality metrics while Texbase Color allows brrr° to easily track the color/lab dip approvals by customer.

In addition, brrr° recently launched a new digital fabric library powered by Texbase that makes it easy for current and prospective customers to find the best brrr° fabrics for their products. (Check it out here)

brrr° product library sign in pag“We are fully leveraging Texbase! Not only are we using it internally with our global team but we’ve also integrated it with Salesforce and launched a digital fabric library. Without Texbase we would need to hire additional staff to keep up with our demanding development timelines. The ease of use and reliability of Texbase Testing to ensure our Triple Chill Effect® on all of our fabrics has been invaluable.”

-Courtney Cruzan, VP Sourcing and Product Development

About Texbase

Texbase provides compliance, testing and material innovation software solutions that power great product experiences for the apparel, footwear and consumer products industries. Texbase is a pioneer in cloud software that tracks your research and development, manages testing from concept to compliance and connects you to your suppliers and testing labs.

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brrr° Introduces Advanced Cooling Fabric, brrr° Pro

The leader in cooling fabric technology creates new performance cooling textile aimed at the athletic and fitness market.

Athletes, trainers, coaches, and anyone with an active lifestyle deserves to wear better fabrics that help them perform their best as they compete, recover, and play. 

Many garments on the market say they are “cooling” but they’re really just good at wicking — they don’t actually draw heat and moisture away from the skin.

We created a new advanced performance cooling fabric called brrr° Pro that works harder than ever to keep you cool.

brrr° Pro Polyester uses enhanced cooling fibers, hyper wicking, and performance drying to elevate the Triple Chill Effect® that instantly and continuously draws heat and moisture away from the skin.

We’ve been working on brrr° Pro for more than three years, and we experimented with dozens of formulas that were tested on more than 1,000 kgs of yarn before choosing the best combination.

For the past three years, we’ve been working on a new concentrated cooling technology that harnesses the power of micro-cooling technology and advanced dispersion techniques to intensify the cooling power of brrr°.

We have a provisional patent for brrr° Pro, and we’re excited to introduce it to the athletic and fitness apparel industry. Like all brrr° products, brrr° Pro is independently lab tested by globally recognized third-party labs and proven to outperform other brands.

We think athletes, trainers, coaches, and anyone with an active lifestyle will love the way brrr° Pro keeps them cooler, drier, and more confident so they can perform their best at work and at play.

Interested in being cool? Click here to connect with a cooling expert from brrrº.

Mary-Cathryn's Response to "Made a work mistake? Seven smart things to say to your boss"

Even the best employees will make mistakes at work from time to time — it’s part of being human. Leaders want their team members to come to them quickly and honestly acknowledge the issue. However, many may hesitate to do so out of a fear of punishment or damage to their reputation.

Trying to hide a mistake is never the way to go; if you share the mistake with leadership and let them know you want to help make things right, you can work together to quickly resolve the issue and minimize — perhaps eliminate — any negative consequences. To help, seven members of Business Journals Leadership Trust share things you can say when you’ve made a mistake at work to calm the anxieties that may arise on both sides.

1. ‘Here’s exactly what happened.’

An honest explanation is what is needed from someone making a mistake. We are all human; we make mistakes. Owning a mistake is something that some people avoid. I always say, “I do not know what I do not know,” and that runs true with mistakes. If someone makes a mistake and I do not know about it, then it cannot be fixed. – Brandy McCombs, IBC

2. ‘I made a mistake, and I won’t make any excuses.’

Honesty is always the best policy. If someone makes a mistake, proactively brings it to my attention and admits to making the mistake without making excuses I will almost always work with them to find a solution. Doing this shows character and should be rewarded, not punished. Everyone makes mistakes. –Brock Berry, AdCellerant

3. ‘I need your help.’

They should say, “I have made a mistake. This is what I think we should do, and I need your help.” As a leader, you should create an environment where everyone feels safe to let you know that they have failed, and now we all get to learn from it. Fail forward fast! –Paul Herring, 101 Solutions LLC

4. ‘I want to do what I can to fix this.’

I appreciate team members who are genuine and take responsibility for their actions. Stating, “I made a mistake, but I want to do what I can to fix it and make sure it doesn’t happen again in the future” is important. –Christen McCamie, Nesta Real Estate Consultants

5. ‘Here’s what I want to do to correct it.’

“I made a mistake” is half of the discussion. The other half of the conversation should include, “and here is what I can do to correct it.” Accepting responsibility is important, but so too is accepting your role in correcting the problem. Having solutions already considered lessens the anxiety associated with the original mistake. – Paul Weber, EAG Advertising & Marketing

6. ‘I have ideas to keep this from happening again.’

Acknowledging the error and taking responsibility for what happened is of first importance. Then the employee should offer potential solutions to the problem and action steps that will ensure that the error does not reoccur. They should come in with these solutions prepared. This shows management that they really care and know how important it is to avoid this error in the future. – Zee Ali, Z-Swag

7. ‘I have learned from this.’

Encourage a culture of honesty, integrity, and forgiveness. We’re all going to make mistakes, so confess it right away, take ownership of it, do everything you can to correct it and make it right, and then learn from it and move on. It’s important that employees see the bosses behave this way too because that will show them the company’s values in action. – Mary-Cathryn Kolb, brrrº

Original Post: Biz Journals