Strafe Brings brrr° Cooling Performance to Outerwear

We’re excited to partner with Strafe Outerwear to bring brrr° cooling performance fabric to their lineup of lightweight, technical pieces to keep people more comfortable in high output adventures.

Strafe uses brrr° cooling fabric in their new Summer Capsule of men’s and women’s technical apparel aimed at hikers, runners, fishers, MTBers, paddlers and anyone who enjoys an active lifestyle.

The Strafe Summer Capsule with brrr° includes men’s and women’s cooling sun hoodies, t-shirts and shorts — in a variety of sizes and colors.

brrr° advanced cooling fabric technology combines the powers of natural cooling minerals, active wicking and rapid drying to create a Tiple Chill Effect® that lasts all day long.

brrr° instantly and continuously draws heat and moisture away from the skin to keep you cooler and more comfortable, and every brrr° fabric is independently lab tested and proven to outperform other products.

Unlike other brands that use sprays and coatings to achieve a cooling sensation, brrr° cooling technology is embedded right into the structure of the yarn so it won’t ever fade or wash out. 

brrr° fabric is cool to the touch and starts working on contact, and unlike other products it doesn’t have to be wet before it activates. 

brrr° fabrics also provide superior UPF sun protection for ultimate comfort, safety and versatility — whether you’re taking a quick adventure in a lush backyard forest, spending long days above treeline, taking refreshing river dips, or charting your own course in the great outdoors.

Wherever life takes you, Strafe’s Summer Capsule with brrr° cooling fabric will help you stay comfortable and confident so you can feel your best.