When we began brrr° with a vision of creating cooling fabrics, we knew it would be important for consumers to be able to quickly and noticeably tell that our products are truly different.

brrr° fabrics feel cool to the touch, thanks to a patented blend of natural cooling that are embedded right into the yarn of the fabric so it’s permanent and won’t ever fade.

It’s a big differentiator at the point of sale, where people can touch clothing and other products made with brrr° and feel a noticeable difference in how that fabric feels compared with another similar item made with traditional fabric.

This cooling effect is measured with a Qmax test (FTTS-FA-019) that was developed in accordance to international standards by the Committee for Conformity Assessment of Accreditation and Certification of Functional and Technical Textiles (FTTS).

In recent tests by an independent, internationally recognized testing laboratory, brrr° nylon had a Qmax score of 0.217, which is more than twice as cool as the 0.103 score of a competing brand.

brrr° polyester scored 0.144, which was at least 14% better than the next-closest competitor and a whopping 35% better than the lowest-performing competitor.

Beyond feeling cool when you touch it, brrr° combines the power of natural cooling minerals with active wicking and rapid drying to create a “Triple Chill Effect” that instantly and permanently draws heat and moisture away from your skin. brrr° helps you stay cooler, drier, more comfortable and more confident so you can do your best work and be your best self.

We’re so confident in brrr°’s superior cooling powers and our extensive testing with independent labs to validate results that we put it in our tagline: Proven to keep you cooler.

You can see the complete test results here: https://brrr.com/proven/