With brrrº’s seamless king size sheets being released this Spring you can sleep like royalty. We are the first fabric cooling company to make seamless California king size sheets that keep you cool and refreshed throughout the night.

Seamless cooling bedding means endless comfort during the most restorative part of the day- our sleep time. Comfort performance bedding helps people enjoy a sounder sleep. In our cooling sheets, our Triple Chill Effect is in action with our natural cooling minerals, superior wicking, and enhanced airflow to create an instant and permanent cool that will never wash out!

brrrº designed these sheets due to one of our bedding clients, Downlite having interest in seamless California king bed sheets. Due to this interest, we indulged in trying to develop the product for them. brrrº spent multiple months developing a unique knitting process in order to bring this idea to life.

Seamless California king sheets mean more comfort, more durability with fewer chances of the seam bursting resulting in a longer-lasting product. Downlite brrr° sheets keep people cooler and more comfortable while they sleep. Minimizing night sweats and overheating allows people to sleep harder, thus helping them wake up feeling more rested and alert, according to numerous sleep studies by the National Institutes of Health and other sleep professionals.

Sleep is a necessity and can affect every aspect of your life. We as humans are more productive with a good night’s sleep. With brrrº’s seamless cooling sheets, you will get that rest you need to have more energy, think more clearly, and work more efficiently.