According to the National Sleep Foundation, getting overheated and sweaty at night can lead to tossing and turning that interrupts sleep cycles, leaving you groggy and exhausted in the morning.

It can also prevent you from getting the recommended eight hours per night, which can lead to lower productivity and grumpiness.

 A lack of sleep can also hurt your health,  making you more susceptible to illness and fatigue.

Sleep is how our bodies heal and rejuvenate.

One key to a better night of deep, refreshing sleep is to regulate core body temperature, according to the National Sleep Foundation. It has even been determined that some forms of insomnia are associated with being too hot.

Using the wrong bedding can be a key contributor to problems with temperature regulation.  The right sheets, pillowcase, and comforter can dramatically impact your sleep experience.

“Performance bedding” is a new technology that helps moderate body temperature with fabrics that regulate heat and moisture.  An interesting product in this category is brrr° High-Performance Cooling Sheets from Downlite using natural cooling minerals embedded in the fabric that actually draw heat away from your skin to keep you cool, dry and comfortable.

The sheets also have active wicking to move moisture away from your body and they dry rapidly to deliver a fresh and crisp experience. brrr°’s technology is built into the architecture of the fabric, so it doesn’t fade or wash out.

brrr° High-Performance Cooling Sheets by Downlite will help you achieve better quality, restorative sleep, so you wake up refreshed and ready to tackle the day ahead. You can buy them here:

Say hello to a better night of sleep.