IFAI Women in Textiles Summit Announces Program

The event will take place from 19-21 February 2020 in Nashville, TN. © IFAI

After a successful inaugural event, the IFAI Women in Textiles Summit will once again join experienced and emerging leaders to discuss current challenges, diverse perspectives, and creative approaches.

The event organized by the Industrial Fabrics Association International (IFAI), will take place from 19-21 February 2020 in Nashville, TN, expecting current and future leaders from industry segments including advanced textiles, geosynthetics, marine, military, specialty fabrics, and shade and weather.

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After the welcome reception on 19 February, the event will feature a range of panel discussions over the following two days. “The goal of the summit is to strengthen the advancement of women and men through an interactive forum that provides education, networking, and dialogue about important issues affecting women in business. The event will explore how women are contributing to the success of their organizations and the textile industry,” organizers report.

The first day of the summit will start off with a casual and energizing networking session, which will provide time to chat about trending topics and share your triumphs and challenges. It will be followed by an opening keynote presentation entitled Lab Coats & Lipstick: Staying Close to R&D, Harnessing Your Network and Mentoring Future Leaders. Mary-Cathryn Kolb, founder, and CEO of brrr° will talk about how her early career prepared her for becoming an entrepreneur, and the importance of staying closely involved in R&D. She will discuss how invaluable her professional network has been in opening doors with potential customers and investors.

Communicating in a firm, yet approachable manner can be difficult for many women. Stop Saying ‘Please’ by Rachal McCarthy, President of NTI Global, will discuss several key phrases and methods of expression which can be used to diffuse a situation, set a new tone, and provide clear boundaries.

Samantha Marion, Textile Development Manager for Top Value Fabrics & Laura Martin, Purchasing Manager for Top Value Fabrics, will lead an interactive discussion about the imposter syndrome, exploring tools to combat this albatross that can weigh down the success of talented women.

Stephanie Rodgers, Director Advanced Product Development, Apex Mills, will highlight a few women from different backgrounds that have used textiles as a platform for science and innovation, highlighting e-textiles and how attendees can encourage this new market sector.

After a series of roundtable discussions, Power, Presence and Impact for Women by Karen Hinds, author, and founder and CEO of Workplace Success Group, will use data and proven strategies to demonstrate how women can own their power and develop their competitive edge.

On 21 February, the morning yoga session will start the second morning off with self-care that helps you reflect on the prior day’s education while connecting with colleagues.

Finally, the panel discussion on The Next Generation: Attract, Mentor and Develop Future Leaders will help understand both sides of the talent development process and shed light on mentoring the next generation of leaders.


Article is from Innovation in Textiles