Cool doesn’t just happen by accident.

There is rigorous research and development, trial and error, and countless trips back to the drawing board in order to make the breakthroughs that lead to innovative new products.

After nailing some early wins, some companies get complacent. Not us.

At brrr°, we test and iterate. And then we test and iterate some more.

Innovation is central to everything we do, and retailers and manufacturers are counting on our claims of cooling fabrics to make their own brands stronger and create important differentiators at the point of sale with our cool-to-the-touch features.

Forbes writer Jeff Kart recognized our scientific rigor in a recent article: “Test data from an independent lab that shows brrr°’s technology can keep people cooler and more comfortable in everyday activities.”


Each year, we spend significant amounts of money on independent lab tests by globally respected testing companies to prove that the cooling, wicking and drying capabilities of our fabrics outperform other brands.

brrr° nylon is more than twice as cool feeling as other brands on the market. brrr° nylon received a Qmax score of 0.217, compared with 0.103 for another brand, according to independent tests by an internationally recognized testing facility conducted according to the FTTS-FA-019 standard.



brrr° nylon wicks away moisture in as little as 1 minute, compared with 8 minutes and 31 minutes for other brands.

It also dries faster than other brands — 7 minutes and 4 minutes quicker than two other competing products.

You can see the complete test results here, along with fabric descriptions and details on the tests that were performed.

Innovation is part of our DNA as a fast-growing innovator of cooling fabric, and it’s what propelled us to create our “Triple Chill Effect” technology.

We have patented methods for integrating natural cooling minerals, active wicking, and rapid drying to instantly and continuously draw heat and moisture away from the skin, and we’re working hard on next-generation products that will build upon the advances we’ve already made.


Let’s talk about how we can make your fabric lineup even better with the cooling powers of brrr°. You can reach us here.