Still looking for the perfect gift for him?

cooling jacket
Jos. A. Bank Sportcoat made with brrrº Cooling Technology

The man who has everything is hard to shop for. 

Give the gift of confidence and comfort with a new sportcoat, suit or dress shirt made with brrr° fabric that will keep him dry all year long.

The new 1905 Collection by Jos. A. Bank features modern patterns and a variety of colors that will make his holiday merry and bright.

The 1905 Collection combines form and function thanks to brrr°’s Triple Chill Effect technology that harnesses the power of natural cooling minerals, active wicking, and rapid drying.







cooling bedding

Sleep soundly with brrr° cooling sheets

Waking up in the middle of the night tangled in hot sweaty sheets is the worst. 

cooling bedding
Better quality sleep with brrr° Cooling Sheets

Night sweats, hot flashes and overheating disrupts our sleep cycles and can make us groggy and cranky the next day. 

Get better quality sleep with brrr° High Performance Cooling Sheets by Downlite.

These super soft knit sheets and pillowcases use natural cooling minerals to draw away heat, wick away moisture and dry faster to keep you comfortable and fresh until it’s time to rise and shine.

They’re machine washable, and the cooling sensation won’t ever fade or wash out because the brrr° Triple Chill Effect is part of the structure of the fabric.

Cybrrrº Monday

Scouring the internet for sweet deals on Cyber Monday is hard work. Keep your cool with these terrific products that feature brrr° cooling technology.

We use cooling minerals, active wicking, and rapid drying to create a “Triple Chill Effect” that draws heat and moisture away from your skin. That means you’ll be more comfortable and confident as you do you.

These are a few gifts we’re putting on our Nice List.

New items featuring brrr° cooling technology will be available in the new year.


Give the Gift of brrr° on Black Friday

Kick off the holiday shopping season by giving the gift of comfort with brrr° Triple Chill Effect cooling technology.

Our cooling minerals, active wicking, and rapid drying draw heat and moisture away from the skin to keep you comfortable and confident at work and at play — and everywhere in between.

The special man in your life would appreciate a dress shirt, sport coat or suit from the 1905 Collection by Jos. A. Bank featuring brrr° comfort fabric, which will keep him dry and comfortable all day long. Need more options? Head over to Men's Wearhouse for dress shirts and suits from the Joseph Abboud Collection featuring brrrº to keep him cool under pressure. 

If your shopping list includes athletes, consider this new line of hats from The Game featuring brrr° instant cooling fabric.

Or give the gift of a better night’s sleep with a set of premium brrr° High-Performance Cooling Sheets by Downlite.

Stay tuned for more great products with brrr° Triple Chill technology coming out in 2019.


brrr° Comfort Has Arrived at Jos. A. Bank

brrrº Comfort
brrrº Comfort with Jos. A. Bank

We're excited to see this new line of brrr° comfort clothing by Jos. A. Bank for their recently launched fall collection.

The premium 1905 Collection by Jos. A. Bank features button-down shirts, suits and sports coats lined with fabric made with brrr°'s patent-pending cooling technology.

brrr° uses cooling minerals, active wicking, and rapid drying technology to create a "Triple Chill Effect" that is proven to draw heat and moisture away from the skin to keep you cooler.

The new 1905 Collection featuring brrr° is available at Jos. A. Bank stores nationwide, and through their online store. We like the variety of slim and tailored fit items so men can find their perfect fit.

You can shop now at Jos. A. Bank

The Game

The Game Launches Hats with brrr° Cooling Technology

We’re excited about a new line of hats made with brrr°® cooling technology by The Game®, that will keep athletes and consumers cooler and more comfortable than ever before.

The GameThe Game makes custom designed headwear for universities, schools, community teams and recreation leagues for players of all ages, and will offer hats made with brrr° technology through its website and catalog starting this summer.

brrr° technology has three unique cooling effects that immediately and continually move heat away from your body. brrr° combines natural cooling minerals with active wicking and rapid drying technologies to create a “Triple Chill Effect™” that won’t ever fade or wash out. The material also offers maximum UV protection and it’s hypoallergenic.

“We’re excited that this cooling technology by brrr° can help keep athletes more comfortable so they perform their best, on the field and off,” said Chad Kennedy, National Sales Manager at The Game.

The superior cooling and drying capabilities of brrr° fabric are lab tested and validated by internationally recognized independent labs.

“It’s great to bring brrr°’s proven cooling performance technology to headwear through this partnership with The Game,” said Mary-Cathryn Kolb, Founder and CEO of brrr°, who has worked in the apparel industry for more than 15 years and was formerly an executive at Spanx and TOMS shoes. “This is a great example of how brrr° can be integrated with a variety of fabrics that we touch and use in our everyday lives.”


Be Cool and Beat the Heat

cool gapfit
Pictured is the GapFit Hybrid Pique Polo

The dog days of summer are upon us, but you can stay cool with these amazing new performance shirts by GAP made with brrr° cooling fabric.

The GapFit Hybrid Pique Polo has a straight, easy fit with a zip pocket at the chest for a modern look. For a more relaxed look, try the GapFit Hybrid Short Sleeve Crewneck T-Shirt that falls at the hip and moves with you.

brrr° uses natural cooling minerals, active wicking, and rapid drying to create a “Triple Chill Effect” that is instant and permanent, and has been independently lab tested and verified. Because our technology is in the structure of the fabric, it won’t ever fade or wash out.

Concerned about too much sun exposure? GAP’s brrr° shirts also offer great UV protection.

We’re big fans of this new line by GAP with brrr° technology, and they make a great gift for the active men in your life.

They’re flattering on women too. Order down a size or two for a more snug fit.








Do You Want to Know the Secret for Better Sleep?

According to the National Sleep Foundation, getting overheated and sweaty at night can lead to tossing and turning that interrupts sleep cycles, leaving you groggy and exhausted in the morning.

It can also prevent you from getting the recommended eight hours per night, which can lead to lower productivity and grumpiness.

 A lack of sleep can also hurt your health,  making you more susceptible to illness and fatigue.

Sleep is how our bodies heal and rejuvenate.

One key to a better night of deep, refreshing sleep is to regulate core body temperature, according to the National Sleep Foundation. It has even been determined that some forms of insomnia are associated with being too hot.

Using the wrong bedding can be a key contributor to problems with temperature regulation.  The right sheets, pillowcase, and comforter can dramatically impact your sleep experience.

“Performance bedding” is a new technology that helps moderate body temperature with fabrics that regulate heat and moisture.  An interesting product in this category is brrr° High-Performance Cooling Sheets from Downlite using natural cooling minerals embedded in the fabric that actually draw heat away from your skin to keep you cool, dry and comfortable.

The sheets also have active wicking to move moisture away from your body and they dry rapidly to deliver a fresh and crisp experience. brrr°’s technology is built into the architecture of the fabric, so it doesn’t fade or wash out.

brrr° High-Performance Cooling Sheets by Downlite will help you achieve better quality, restorative sleep, so you wake up refreshed and ready to tackle the day ahead. You can buy them here:

Say hello to a better night of sleep.

Product Annoucement: brrrº High Performance Bedding with Downlite

Don't settle for hot, sweaty sheets anymore. Get better sleep with brrr° High-Performance Cooling Sheets by Downlite, the premier maker of quality bedding. Our natural cooling minerals, moisture-wicking technology, and enhanced airflow create a "Triple Chill Effect" so you can sleep deeply and wake up refreshed.
You can purchase the sheets or pillowcases by clicking on the images.
brrr° High-Performance Pillowcase Twin Pack
brrr° High-Performance Cooling Sheet Set











Do You Want to Sleep like Royalty?

With brrrº’s seamless king size sheets being released this Spring you can sleep like royalty. We are the first fabric cooling company to make seamless California king size sheets that keep you cool and refreshed throughout the night.

Seamless cooling bedding means endless comfort during the most restorative part of the day- our sleep time. Comfort performance bedding helps people enjoy a sounder sleep. In our cooling sheets, our Triple Chill Effect is in action with our natural cooling minerals, superior wicking, and enhanced airflow to create an instant and permanent cool that will never wash out!

brrrº designed these sheets due to one of our bedding clients, Downlite having interest in seamless California king bed sheets. Due to this interest, we indulged in trying to develop the product for them. brrrº spent multiple months developing a unique knitting process in order to bring this idea to life.

Seamless California king sheets mean more comfort, more durability with fewer chances of the seam bursting resulting in a longer-lasting product. Downlite brrr° sheets keep people cooler and more comfortable while they sleep. Minimizing night sweats and overheating allows people to sleep harder, thus helping them wake up feeling more rested and alert, according to numerous sleep studies by the National Institutes of Health and other sleep professionals.

Sleep is a necessity and can affect every aspect of your life. We as humans are more productive with a good night’s sleep. With brrrº’s seamless cooling sheets, you will get that rest you need to have more energy, think more clearly, and work more efficiently.