Staying Cool in the Great Outdoors

We’re excited to partner with a leader in outdoor lifestyle apparel to bring permanent brrr° cooling fabric technology to LandSeer performance knit products.

LandSeer uses brrr° cooling fabric in a performance knit T-shirt, long-sleeve hoodie and other garments to help people feel their best while exploring the world around them. There are several LandSeer with brrr° products available in retail stores.

The LandSeer performance knits are great as base layers to keep you dry and comfortable while hiking, biking, running, kayaking, stand-up paddling or doing other strenuous activity. When temperatures fluctuate throughout the day and night, light layers including LandSeer with brrr° supports your body’s natural thermoregulation.

brrr° combines natural cooling minerals, active wicking and rapid drying to draw heat and moisture away from your skin for all-day comfort.

The brrr° “Triple Chill Effect” has been independently lab tested by third parties, and is proven to outperform other brands and keep you cooler.

Unlike other brands that achieve a cooling effect with sprays and coatings that wash out and fade over time, brrr° cooling technology is embedded right into the structure of the yarn so it instantly and continuously cools you off — and will never diminish.