We are excited to be included among 14 fast-growing companies that have been added to the “Backed by ATL” program run by the Metro Atlanta Chamber.

The organization helps emerging middle-market companies gain scale and drive greater impact across the region through innovation and perseverance.

Backed by ATL companies have raised over $1 billion in capital and created more than 3,600 jobs in metro Atlanta since the program’s inception in 2017, according to the chamber.

“Entrepreneurship is at the core of metro Atlanta’s business community, which is experiencing unstoppable momentum and has emerged as the global hub for innovation,” said Katie Kirkpatrick, President & CEO, Metro Atlanta Chamber

“Atlanta’s history of innovation, exceptionally diverse talent pool buoyed by our higher education institutions, and strong center of corporate headquarters form the foundation of this sustained innovation energy, which is powering Atlanta to produce unicorns at an unprecedented pace and welcome the most recognized technology firms in the world to join us,” she said.

The 2021 companies joining Backed by ATL celebrate innovation across Atlanta’s wide range of industries, with enterprises created to help feed late-night cravings, protect neighborhoods, address food insecurity, modernize supply chain services and solve customer problems, keep people cool, package goods and prevent fraud. 

Mary-Cathryn Kolb, Founder and CEO of brrr°, will join a panel of other entrepreneurs today to discuss why Atlanta is such a great place to start and grow a company.

The 14 companies invited to the Backed by ATL program this year are: