Textile innovator brrr° became a leader in cooling yarns and fabrics several years ago when the company introduced new technology that combines the power of natural cooling minerals, active wicking and rapid drying.

brrr° creates a “Triple Chill Effect” by instantly and continuously drawing heat and moisture away from the skin to keep you cooler and more comfortable all day long — whether you’re at the office, working from home, exercising, playing sports, or enjoying some leisure time with friends.

What sets brrr° apart is that its cooling technology is permanently embedded in the structure of the yarn itself. Unlike other brands that use sprays and coatings to achieve a cooling sensation, brrr° technology won’t ever fade or wash out over time.

Anchored in advanced scientific research and development, brrr° rigorously tests each fabric through globally recognized third party labs to verify its cooling properties and prove that its technology outperforms other brands.

Major retailers including Simms FishingForlohGreyson ClothiersLandseerSouthern TideVineyard VinesADAYKit + AceShinestyPajamagramSheex and many others use brrr° cooling technology to make their apparel even better.

Building on its foundational cooling technology, and now offers a performance fabric called brrr° Pro that has a more intense cooling effect.

brrr° Pro harnesses the power of micro cooling technology to create the coolest polyester in the market, with enhanced cooling fibers that intensify the concentration of brrr° cooling minerals. brrr° Pro also amplifies moisture management for hyper wicking, while performance drying delivers a fresh and crisp experience.

Scientists at brrr° spent more than three years developing brrr° Pro, and they tested dozens of formulas before landing on their most advanced technology yet. Because it helps keep people cooler, drier, and more comfortable so they can perform their best at work and at play, brrr° Pro can also help reduce reliance on air conditioning and other energy sources — which is good for the planet.

The Atlanta-based company is also committed to sustainability, and offers numerous eco-friendly fabrics such as brrr° Recycled Poly and other blends of natural and synthetic yarns. While brrr° has enjoyed Global Recycled Standard (GRS) certification through its mill partners for many years, the company recently received direct GRS certification to assure customers that its products are being made in a sustainable way.

brrr° scientists continue to develop new advanced cooling products, with numerous research projects actively underway.

The company is also constantly innovating new woven and knit fabrics with interesting tactile and visual textures such as creative patterns and physical textures like jacquard.

brrr° offers a library of hundreds of fabrics to choose from, for ultimate flexibility and adaptability for a wide range of applications and uses: business attire, casual apparel, athletic apparel, athleisure, pajamas and intimates, bedding, furniture textiles and many other industries.

Learn more about brrr°, brrr° Pro and brrr° Recycled fabrics here, and you can browse their digital fabric library or view test results.

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