brrr scientistbrrr° Chief Scientist Apurba Banerjee will make a presentation about modern functional fabrics at the Innovate Textile & Apparel ReThink Conference this week in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Banerjee’s talk is titled “What is Cool? Here’s What You Need to Know About Today’s Functional Textiles.”

In it, she will talk about how “cooling” technology hasn’t changed much in two decades as many companies still rely on just wicking, and how that stagnation mentality is coming to an end as innovators including brrr° make deep investments in R&D.

Although the industry has made big advances in understanding the science behind performance textiles, there is still a cloud of misinformation and unproven claims that confuse manufacturers and consumers alike.

Banerjee breaks down the science behind human thermoregulation, busts common myths about cooling textiles and offers a better definition for cooling performance.

She also talks about advances in cooling technologies, bolstered by competitive analysis of current cooling products and offers a peek into new technologies that are revolutionizing the future of cool