Hunters, anglers, and other outdoor enthusiasts have a new option for technically advanced apparel that’s all about function and comfort.

FORLOH has introduced a new line of technical long-sleeve hoodies for men made with brrr° Pro advanced performance cooling fabric technology. The hoodies will be available for women and youth soon.

In the coming months, FORLOH will introduce lightweight pants, shorts, board shorts, cargo shorts, women’s leggings, and numerous other garments made with brrr° Pro.

brrr° Pro has enhanced cooling fibers embedded with micro cooling minerals that intensify the concentration of the cooling sensation. Hyper wicking amplifies moisture removal, and performance drying delivers a fresh and cool experience.

FORLOH, whose name was inspired by the phrase “For Love of Hunting,” was founded by a group of hunters and anglers who wanted technically advanced apparel that was well-designed and manufactured entirely in America to create domestic jobs and improve speed to market. 

That allows the company to bring new items of clothing to consumers in as little as 10-12 weeks, compared with 10 months or more for most retailers who use an offshore supply chain. FORLOH sells directly to consumers through its website and through its flagship retail store in Whitefish, Montana.

FORLOH is passionate about scientific advancements in apparel. The company created its own unique science-based camouflage patterns for different environments such as timberland and forest; snow; open country or mountain; and water. 

FORLOH develops new fabrics in partnership with other brands that are leaders in their space, such as Airadigm for microventing pulse plasma technology; Activ-dry Down to repel water and reduce moisture absorption; Polygiene Stay Fresh Technology to inhibit the growth of odor causing bacteria; Polygiene Odor Crunch silica to break down odor molecules; Trizar for heat regulation; and brrr° Pro for performance cooling fabric.

FORLOH also develops its own technology such as Perf-Weld micro-perforations in the Sonic Weld construction for breathability. 

The apparel collections by FORLOH are meant to be layered and combined for maximum flexibility and ultimate comfort, breathability and weather protection.

The company is dedicated to helping consumers get more deeply connected to nature by spending more time outdoors. FORLOH believes that hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities are more than just a way of life — it’s a way to share values such as a respect for nature from one generation to another. 

brrr° is proud to partner with FORLOH to bring technical cooling performance to outdoor apparel.