The women and girls’ fashion sector is a tough one to break into, which is why one entrepreneur duo decided to take a non-traditional approach, and the results are chilling. Tosha Hays and Mary-Cathryn Kolb leveraged their careers at Spanx — which has made the girdle cool again — to found brrrº, a textile tech start-up selling fabric that is permanently cool to the touch. With mounting requests for all kinds of cool-to-the-touch products (think pillowcases, underwear and more), brrrº decided to narrow its focus to the unique cooling technology itself, which can be licensed. The company’s patent-pending brrrX technology makes fabric not only cool but also soft and moisture-wicking (quick-drying) with UV protection. Unlike other similar products, brrrº’s technology is not triggered by wetting or freezing, but by air — letting air flow through the fabric regenerates it to its coldest state.